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In today’s fast-paced world, accessibility to healthcare is pivotal. House Concierge MD LLC is at the forefront of transforming the landscape of internal medicine by offering 100% virtual and mobile health services across the metro-Orlando and Central Florida area. 

Experience comprehensive care in the comfort and privacy of your home. Our typical visits are 45 to 60 minutes long.

Recognizing the Need for House Calls

  • Working professionals with busy schedules
  • Difficulty in traveling to a healthcare facility
  • Limited access to continuous medical care
  • Need for personalized, one-on-one healthcare attention
  • Chronic conditions requiring regular monitoring
  • Challenges in managing medication and follow-ups
  • Travelers and Vacationers needing a Hotel-Resort Doctor

Wide range of services:

  • Preventive health and wellness (e.g., annual wellness exams, sports physicals, nutrition consultation, screenings)
  • Chronic disease management (e.g., COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension)
  • Low acuity urgent care
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Sleep Health
  • Women’s health (in partnership with your preferred OBGYN provider)
  • Post-partum or Post-hospitalization visits
  • Prescription of medications
  • Referrals for specialty care, physical therapy, and other home-based services
  • Vaccinations (as available)
  • Home lab draws
  • Rapid viral testing (Covid, Flu, RSV), Rapid Strep testing, STI testing
  • EKG, Xrays, Ultrasound imaging
  • IV Hydration and IV vitamin therapy
  • Weight Management
  • +More
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The Necessity of Mobile Healthcare

In an era where time and accessibility are crucial, mobile healthcare services eliminate the barriers of traditional clinic visits. Our approach caters to those who find it challenging to visit a healthcare provider due to mobility issues, chronic conditions, or busy schedules. Furthermore, the older population greatly benefits from our doorstep services, ensuring continuous and comfortable healthcare.

The integration of virtual care with house call medical services ensures continuous patient-doctor engagement. This model significantly benefits patients who require regular monitoring and consultations, making healthcare more proactive and personalized.

Mobile Healthcare for Travelling Professionals

For traveling professionals, mobile healthcare services are not just convenient but often essential. Mobile healthcare brings the doctor to the patient, offering flexibility and continuity of care regardless of location. Whether it’s routine check-ups, managing chronic conditions, or addressing unexpected health issues while on the road, mobile healthcare ensures that traveling professionals can access the medical attention they need without disrupting their busy schedules. 

A Proactive Approach to Prevention 

Preventative care is a cornerstone of our philosophy. By providing regular health screenings and risk assessments, we can identify potential health issues before they become critical. Education on lifestyle changes, diet, and exercise also plays a vital role in preventing future health complications.

Our remote patient monitoring system is a key component in preventative care. It allows for early detection of changes in health status, ensuring timely intervention and reducing the risk of hospitalization or severe health events.

A Future of Enhanced Health

Patients under our care can expect a future where health management is seamlessly integrated into their daily lives. With our comprehensive mobile and virtual healthcare services, patients enjoy greater control over their health, leading to improved outcomes and a better quality of life.

The ease of access to healthcare professionals and personalized care plans ensures that each patient’s journey toward better health is well-supported and efficient, paving the way for a healthier, more empowered community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of services are offered through your mobile healthcare?

A: We provide various services, including remote patient monitoring, lab draws, imaging, and pharmacy deliveries.

Q: How does virtual healthcare work for new patients?

A: New patients can easily schedule a virtual consultation to discuss their health concerns, after which a personalized care plan is created.

Q: Are your services suitable for chronic condition management?

A: Our services are ideal for managing chronic conditions, offering regular monitoring and adjustments to treatment plans as needed.

Q: Can I access house call healthcare services at any time?

A: Yes, our house calls healthcare services provide flexible scheduling to fit your lifestyle. House calls are ideal for anyone who prioritizes efficiency and convenience in their busy lives. Whether you’re a working professional juggling hectic schedules, a small business entrepreneur striving for productivity, a person with limited mobility, or someone simply seeking a more streamlined approach to healthcare, house calls offer a tailored solution to fit your needs.

Q: How does remote patient monitoring enhance my healthcare experience?

A: Remote monitoring allows for continuous health tracking, ensuring timely interventions and a more proactive approach to healthcare.

Your Health, Our Commitment

At House Concierge MD LLC, we are dedicated to bringing health to your doorstep. Our commitment to providing accessible, high-quality healthcare is unwavering. We understand the unique challenges different demographics face and are geared to meet these needs with our specialized services.

Embrace a new era of healthcare with House Concierge MD LLC. Contact us today to experience the convenience and excellence of our mobile and virtual healthcare services. Your health journey is our priority, and we are here to ensure it is as smooth and effective as possible.

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