Frequently Asked Questions

House Concierge MD is committed to transforming healthcare delivery by offering accessible, personalized, and high-quality care through our innovative telehealth and mobile health services. 

Concierge medicine is a membership-based healthcare model that involves a direct relationship between a patient and a primary care provider. Patients pay their physician or practice directly, removing insurance as the middleman.

Here’s the beauty of the concierge medicine model: whether you’re uninsured or under-insured and are looking for simplified primary care, or if you manage a successful business and are seeking concierge healthcare solutions for your leadership team or employees, House Concierge MD offers a transformative approach to patient-centered healthcare.

The House Concierge MD Difference:

Our core values of Compassion, Community, Accessibility, and Patient-Centered Care inspire every facet of our operations and treatment approaches. We are dedicated to providing exceptional medical care that is both accessible and personalized, ensuring that every patient feels valued, understood, and involved in their health journey. We strive to build a supportive community where each individual’s health and well-being are prioritized, fostering a nurturing environment that promotes healing and growth. Our mission is to empower our patients with the knowledge, resources, and care they need to lead healthier, happier lives.

  • Thoughtful and Comprehensive Holistic Primary Care
  • Same day / Next day appointments
  • Annual Wellness Exam
  • Annual Wellness labs ( complete blood count, lipid panel, glucose, kidneys, liver, electrolytes, TSH, hemoglobin A1c)
  • Follow up visits via house calls or telemedicine
  • Flu vaccine
  • Rapid testing for Flu and COVID
  • EKG testing
  • Access to discounted prescription medications
  • Unrushed, extended house call visits (average 60 minutes)
  • Expedited referrals to specialists such as OBGYN and Cardiology
  • VIP treatment at all times with access to your doctor via text, email, phone, and EMR portal.

House Concierge MD does not accept insurance. The high quality of care provided by House Concierge MD is simply not possible within the traditional model of insurance-based care. We recommend maintaining health insurance to provide coverage for prescription medications, imaging, laboratory studies and in the event of hospitalization, surgery, specialty treatment, cancer treatment or catastrophic illness etc.

HSA or FSA dollars may be used to cover all or some of the services / treatments (e.g. physical exam, health coaching, prescriptions). Membership fees may not be covered by your FSA or HSA account and will require out of pocket payment. Policies vary, so we recommend that you check with your HSA/FSA plan administrator to have a clear understanding of what kind of expenses can be applied to your HSA or FSA.

Your House Concierge MD membership will last for 12 months.

The membership is renewed annually

Absolutely – we have meet and greet Fridays with Dr. Butler
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Yes. Annual wellness labs are covered in the membership fee
  • Annual Wellness labs (complete blood count, lipid panel, glucose, kidneys, liver, electrolytes, TSH, hemoglobin A1c)
  • Any additional labs will be direct pay or covered by your insurance if you choose to use it.

Imaging service can be added to any house call or telehealth appointment. A certified technician will be dispatched to your location.
Self-pay and insurance are accepted by our imaging partner and discounted prices are available for House Concierge MD members. Our imaging partner accepts most insurance plans and will call you directly to coordinate the best time slot for your appointment and process your insurance information.

At-home lab draw service can be added to any house call or telehealth appointment. A certified phlebotomist will be dispatched to your location

For House Concierge Members, the cost of home lab draws, and rapid testing is included in your membership fee. For Non-members, the services can be added to any house call or telehealth appointment for an additional fee.

The cost of laboratory processing is separate and charged by the laboratory (e.g. Labcorp or Quest). To make things easier for you, we offer the ability to upload your insurance information. If you choose to upload it, we will provide it to the laboratory so they can process your bill using insurance.

Once a prescription is ready to be picked up at the pharmacy, our care coordinator can request a delivery on the patient’s behalf. A courier picks up the prescription from the pharmacy, and the patient receives a tracking link by text. The prescription is delivered to the patient usually same day or next day.

All co-pays or co-insurance must be paid before pickup and delivery couriers will not collect payment at dropoff.

Certain medications are not eligible for this service (e.g., controlled substances). Deliveries may not be available on weekends or federal holidays. Please contact us for information about specific locations for delivery coverage.

If you believe that a true medical emergency exists, don’t waste valuable time trying to reach our provider. Dial 911 or take the patien to the nearest emergency room. Your membership with House Concierge MD would not cover the cost associated with any treatment required in the emergency room.

Absolutely not! If you are not quite ready to sign up for a full membership plan, individual house call appointments are available for $299 per visit and telehealth appointments are $129 per visit. Our mobile urgent care services are available to all. Simply give us a call to schedule when you are ready.

When we uncover serious medical issues that necessitate specialist care, we will help expedite the referral process. We will also review specialist records with you if you wish.

We understand that life happens
We require 24hrs notice for appointments to be cancelled and rescheduled. No shows and Late cancellations (less than 24hrs) will incur a fee of $100.

You can cancel your concierge membership at any time with a 30-day written notice. All future payments will be suspended after 30 days of receipt of the cancellation notice.

Yes. Your annual / monthly fee ensures you access to care from our team regardless of your insurance plan. However, you should verify if your managed care company, or your health maintenance organization (HMO), will pay for any services or prescriptions that are not ordered by one of their physicians.

Medicare – Medicaid does not typically cover membership fees for concierge medicine. This means that patients are responsible for all membership costs out of pocket.

Medicare does cover services like bloodwork, imaging, medications, and specialist appointments. Verify with your insurance plan for coverage details.

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